Yasmins Jack Petchey Run and Meal
Pictures and captions courtesy of Nic Corry

Yas waiting for everyone to arrive, and celebrate her award.

Claire Austridge takes a break after weeks of organisation!

Mick Jones contemplating what pain and pleasure lies in store...

Yas chose to spend her award throwing a party with her running group, led by coach Mick Jones.

Last minute stretches

And they're off!

Everyone wondering if they'll ever see the club house again!
The pace was sedate. It was a party after all!

The group took in twists and turns, heading out for an hour, over Keston & Hayes Commons.

Through forest trails.....

With some fun downhill sections.

Back at the Club House there was a warm welcome from Dennis Lawrie, Mike Peel and Dick Griffin.

Yas wanted to introduce her friends to the Club House as many had not been before.

They all enjoyed good food....
and good company.

There was at least one table who weren't salad dodgers.

The girl's wondering about trying the President's chair for size.

Later on, mums and dads stopped by for a drink before taking their loved ones home.